JDRF to Hold Spanish-Language Virtual Summit

JDRF[1], a leading type 1 diabetes[2] research and advocacy organization in the United States and worldwide, will host an upcoming virtual summit in Spanish for the first time. The summit aims to “bring together the Spanish-speaking type 1 diabetes (T1D) community coast-to-coast for a jam-packed day of education and interactive experiences,” including sessions on a range of diabetes-related topics with the opportunity to ask questions, according to the registration page[3].

The summit, known as the TypeOneNation Summit: Viviendo sin Límites, will take place on July 31, 2021, starting at 9 AM Pacific time (12 PM Eastern time). Hosted by JDRF and the online community Beyond Type 1[4], it will be the first nationwide type 1 diabetes community symposium to be conducted in Spanish. The aim of the summit is to provide an opportunity for Spanish-speaking people with type 1 and their families to “explore content related to critical issues, learn about the latest in research and technology, watch live demonstrations, and engage in community forums,” according to a JDRF press release[5].

“As part of JDRF’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, we are excited to co-host our first Spanish-language TypeOneNation Summit,” said JDRF CEO Aaron J. Kowalski, PhD, in the press release. “With the increasing number of T1D diagnoses in the Spanish-speaking community, it is important for us to ensure everyone has access to pertinent information, a supportive community, and the latest resources to help with T1D management and improve health outcomes.”

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Summit to cover topics important to those with T1D

Topics that will be covered in sessions as part of the summit include the latest in diabetes research and technology, COVID-19[7] vaccines and type 1 diabetes, emotional health[8] for those living with diabetes and their caregivers, parenting[9] and type 1 diabetes, eating disorders[10], diabetes burnout[11], and adolescence and type 1 diabetes. The summit will end with a series of Zoom chats aimed at fostering connections and the sharing of experiences.

“Living with type 1 diabetes can often feel isolating, and I’ve seen first-hand the power of community among people living with this invisible disease, especially among Spanish speakers,” said Mariana Gomez, director of emerging markets at Beyond Type 1, in the press release. “We hope that by arming attendees with education, resources, and support, we enable them to live beyond their diagnosis, whether they’re newly diagnosed or have been living with T1D for years.”

There is no registration fee for the summit, and registration can be completed in Spanish or English by filling out a simple online form. Since the summit itself will be entirely in Spanish, the English registration option is intended primarily for people who are signing up on behalf of another person, such as a relative who may not be comfortable navigating a virtual summit without assistance.

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