Garrett Mitchell, Outfielder With T1D, Selected in MLB Draft

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Miller Park -- Garrett Mitchell MLB Draft

No matter what team you support, if you’re a baseball fan with diabetes, you have a new player to root for: outfielder Garrett Mitchell, who has type 1 diabetes (T1D), was selected in the first round of the MLB Draft by the Milwaukee Brewers. Twenty-one years old and most recently the centerfielder for the UCLA Bruins, Mitchell has been playing sports and living with T1D since the third grade. Rather than viewing his condition as an obstacle, he believes living with diabetes has given him an edge on the field: “Personally, I don’t really see it as a challenge,” he said in an interview with Adam McCalvy on the MLB website. “Obviously, there are a lot of people who do, and who questioned whether it would be a factor down the road in the future. But I took it as an advantage because I know how my body works. I know what I need to do to make it feel good. I know the amount of rest I need to be ready to play every day, the amount of nutrients that make me feel the best every day. That’s an advantage because a lot of people don’t know what their bodies need.”

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Chosen as the 20th pick overall, Mitchell is excited for the opportunity and looking forward to a bright future: “A lot of these teams — it wasn’t that I couldn’t play or I’m not good at what I do, but it came down to diabetes: What teams want to deal with it, what teams are comfortable with it and what team is willing to take that chance. And again, I couldn’t be more thankful that it was the Milwaukee Brewers. They know me. They know I’m going to work my butt off every single day and try to help this team win a World Series.”

Learn more about Mitchell from MLB and follow his journey with the Milwaukee Brewers.

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Diane Fennell

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