5 Innovative Diabetes Products Featured at CES 2020

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Doctor holding tablet -- Diabetes Products CES 2020

From devices that can predict blocked arteries to non-invasive blood monitoring gadgets, the Consumer Electronics Show held January 5 to 10 in Las Vegas proved to be a global showcase for innovative diabetes technology.

This year’s show featured hundreds of wearable devices and new mobile technology. In total, there were almost 550 products and 635 gadgets designed to be worn at CES 2020. 

With so many products to choose from, we selected five that are worth checking out. (For a brief rundown on some products from last year’s show, click here.)

(Image courtesy of Grapheal)



At the show, Grapheal showcased an electronic patch that constantly monitors wounds with some additional, cloud-based benefits. The bandage is extremely flexible, and the company says it’s able to easily adapt to the shape of a wound while providing continuous monitoring through a smartphone application. That information is available to medical professionals and caregivers who can monitor progress remotely and keep an eye out for infections and other complications.

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