Resources for Managing Medications

The following websites and businesses offer information, products, and services that may help you manage your medicines.


Medication lists and calendars
This site, offered by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, helps you create an easy-to-use “pill card” to keep track of your medicines.
Sponsored by the Washington Patient Safety Coalition, this site has information and resources for developing medication lists in a variety of formats.
If you prefer to make your own list or calendar, TemplateLab offers 40 different templates for you to choose from.

Smartphone apps

The app notifies you when it is time to take your medication with customizable sounds. It also gives you a notification when it is time to refill your medication.

This app is for iPhone and Apple Watch users. It, too, provides reminders for taking medication, and will automatically import your medication list by scanning pharmacies across the country for your prescriptions. You’re able to create custom reminders for yourself, as well.

This app provides you with daily and weekly reminders to take your meds; it also adjusts to the time of day, letting you take a medication early or later. You’ll get refill reminders, and the app logs medication adherence.

This is a medication management app that not only notifies you when it’s time to take your medicine, but keeps track of your medication inventory so that you stay on top of refills. In addition, it provides a wealth of information about your medication, side effects and how to take your medicines.

Alarms, pillboxes, and other devices

(800) 549-0095
This company sells a variety of alarm devices and automatic pill dispensers.

(855) 868-6024
This company sells a variety of carrying cases for diabetes supplies, numerous styles of pillboxes, and a selection of products to help with insulin injections for those who have impaired vision or other difficulties.

Using a timer cap is an easy and safe way to help you take the right dose of your medicine at the right times.

Services for medication management

(877) 512-4654
This pharmacy will organize your medicines (including prescriptions meds, over-the-counter meds and dietary supplements) into single-dose packets and deliver them to your door.

General drug information

The AARP website offers general information on drugs, a drug interaction checker, a drug comparison tool, and a pill identifier tool.

This user-friendly site provides easy-to-understand information about the medicines you take, along with pictures. It even provides a drug comparison feature so that you can better understand your options.

This online pill identification tool helps identify medicines based on shape, color, and imprint. The Web site also has general drug and health information.

Learn more about medicines, supplements and medical conditions on WebMD’s website.

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