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All of the major diabetes organizations as well as the manufacturers of insulin pumps offer information on pump use.

Online Resources

Joslin Diabetes Center
Type “insulin pump” into the site’s search function to find relevant articles.
Under “Clinic,” click on “Insulin Pumps.”

American Diabetes Association
Click on “Living With Diabetes,” then on “Treatment & Care,” then on Medication,” then on “Insulin.”

Click on “Life with T1D,” then on “Frequently Asked Questions.”

Pump Manufacturers

Animas Corporation

Insulet Corporation

Medtronic Diabetes

Roche Diagnostics

Sooil Development

Tandem Diabetes Care


Smart Pumping for People With Diabetes
A Practical Approach to Mastering the Insulin Pump
Howard Wolpert, MD, Editor
American Diabetes Association
Alexandria, Virginia, 2002

Pumping Insulin
Everything You Need for Success With an Insulin Pump
John Walsh, PA, CDE, and Ruth Roberts, MA
Torrey Pines Press
Torrey Pines, California, 2000

Originally Published May 14, 2009

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