Charles Mattocks’ Top Three Tips for Healthy Cooking

1. Portion control is key.
“In America, we like everything supersized, and if it’s not falling off the plate, we don’t feel like we got enough. So portion control is key.”


2. Eat those fruits and vegetables.
“I like to say, ‘Eat what God gave us: Vegetables, fruits, and water.’ [Find] ways to make those creative without making them bad.”

3.Investigate new spices and herbs.
“Most people only have a few dishes in their library. So they don’t go outside of the box as far as creating new things. Investigate other cultures and the way they cook — whether it’s trying to create a good Indian meal one day, or maybe creating a good Jamaican meal or a good Greek meal. [Open] up your library of seasonings and spices so healthy foods taste better and you can give variety to what you’re making. Because if you don’t have variety, then eventually you’ll go back to what you know. Because that’s what you know, and it tastes good.”

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