Protecting Your Brain

If you’re interested in achieving better brain health, many relaxation techniques can be helpful. Here are some examples of activities and techniques that may help keep stress in check:

• Meditation
• Tai chi
• Prayer
• Biofeedback (using feedback on physical functions — such as brainwaves, heart rate, or muscle activity — to help change these functions)
• Guided imagery (mentally following a series of images described by a practitioner or recorded program)
• Psychotherapy (therapeutic interaction with a mental-health professional)
• Massage
• Labyrinth-walking
• Mindfulness
• Yoga
• Deep-breathing exercises


Other tips for better brain health include the following:
• Engage in mental exercise on a regular basis (chess, reading, discussion groups, etc.)
• Follow a healthy diet (reduce saturated fats and increase omega-3 fatty acids)
• Consume alcohol in moderation
• Get enough sleep
• Drink enough water
• Exercise at least 30 minutes a day