Protecting Your Brain

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If you’re interested in achieving better brain health, many relaxation techniques can be helpful. Here are some examples of activities and techniques that may help keep stress in check:

• Meditation
• Tai chi
• Prayer
• Biofeedback (using feedback on physical functions — such as brainwaves, heart rate, or muscle activity — to help change these functions)
• Guided imagery (mentally following a series of images described by a practitioner or recorded program)
• Psychotherapy (therapeutic interaction with a mental-health professional)
• Massage
• Labyrinth-walking
• Mindfulness
• Yoga
• Deep-breathing exercises

Other tips for better brain health include the following:
• Engage in mental exercise on a regular basis (chess, reading, discussion groups, etc.)
• Follow a healthy diet (reduce saturated fats and increase omega-3 fatty acids)
• Consume alcohol in moderation
• Get enough sleep
• Drink enough water
• Exercise at least 30 minutes a day


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