Continuous Glucose Monitoring Therapy Education and Training

You should be adequately trained to get the most out of your continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device. Your education and training upon starting CGM should include the following to increase the probability of success.


• Use of the sensor as well as the transmitter and receiver

• Information on the difference between the information your blood glucose meter provides versus the trends with sensor data

• Use of the sensor data that show your blood glucose changes to assist with adjustment of insulin doses

• The need for sensor calibration

• Where to place the sensor on the body

• Routine care of the sensor site

• Benefits of alarms to identify falling and rising blood glucose levels

If CGM is a routine part of your life with diabetes, your diabetes care team will want you to demonstrate optimal use of the CGM system over time. Developing your skills to use these data to analyze your glucose patterns and trends to support your diabetes care decisions is key.

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