Getting Accurate Readings

May 13, 2009 4:46 pm

Given the expense of test strips, the discomfort of pricking your fingers or other body parts, and the inconvenience of setting aside time to monitor, you want accurate, useful results when you check your blood glucose level. For the most accurate blood sugar readings, follow these steps:

To make sure you get enough blood from a fingertip, hang the hand to be lanced by your side for a few minutes. Then, starting at the base of the finger, milk it downward before lancing. Don’t squeeze the area around the fingerprick after lancing because the blood may mix with interstitial fluid, altering the results.

When using alternative test sites such as a palm or forearm, rub the area to be lanced first. After lancing, continue to hold the lancing device against the site, and alternately apply and release pressure a few times to ensure that you get enough blood.

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