Product Review: Weekly Meal Planner

[1]Now more than ever, planning meals[2] has become a priority for all of us. Yes, takeout and delivered meals are still an option, but many of us have been faced with the challenging task of figuring out what to buy for food and cook for meals. Plus, we all need added variety so that we’re not eating the same meal every couple of days! 

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To help you plan your meals and organize your shopping list, turn to the Weekly Meal Planner. This planner can save you a boatload of time (and aggravation) by helping you plan out breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks[4] for every day of the week for an entire year. There’s also a section to jot down your shopping list so that you don’t miss out on essential ingredients. Plus, it’s small enough to take to the grocery store – just tuck it into your purse, tote bag or backpack. The Weekly Meal Planner is a perfect, easy, no-tech way to get you going with healthy meals for you and your family, now and in the future. 

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