Product Review: Twinings Cold Infuse Flavoured Cold Water Enhancer

[1]Feeling a bit bored with your beverages? Has water[2] become ho-hum? Maybe it’s time to give your drink a refresh with Twinings Cold Infuse Flavoured Cold Water Enhancers.

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Made from fruits and herbs and sweetened with stevia, these silky infusers are designed to brew in cold water to give you a delicious beverage that’s perfect any time. They’re sugar-free and caffeine-free, and naturally flavored, too. One infuser contains just five calories. And they’re so easy to use — simply drop one into your glass or water bottle. Wait five minutes, stirring or shaking occasionally, and enjoy! Each jar of Twinings Cold Infuse Flavored Cold Water Enhancers contains 12 infusers. Choose from a wide assortment of fabulous flavors, such as Watermelon & Mint, Peach & Passion Fruit, and Lemon & Ginger.

Learn more about Twinings Cold Infuse Flavoured Cold Water Enhancer on Amazon[4] and Walmart[5].

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