Product Review: TRUEplus Soft Tabs Glucose Tablets

[1]If you’re at risk for hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)[2], you may be in the habit of reaching for glucose tablets[3]. After all, glucose tablets are often touted as the best way to treat hypoglycemia because they’re convenient and they do the job quickly. But if the usual glucose tabs are too hard to chew and the flavors just aren’t to your liking, what else is there? How do soft glucose tablets grab you?

TRUEplus Soft Tabs Glucose Tablets are softer and chewier than traditional glucose tablets. And they come in less traditional flavors, such as Chocolate Marshmallow, Root Beer Float, Kiwi Strawberry and Cherry Pop. Each tablet contains 4 grams of fast-acting carbohydrate (dextrose). The tablets are fat-free, gluten-free and sodium-free, too. Plus, they come in a convenient pouch that you can keep in your car, your purse and your desk drawer at work. TRUEplus Soft Tabs Glucose Tablets come 4 to a packet, and you get 12 packets (48 tablets) per tray.

Interested in the TRUEplus® Soft Tabs Glucose Tablets? Check them out on Amazon![4]

Want to learn more about preventing and treating hypoglycemia? Read “What Is Hypoglycemia? Symptoms and Treatments”[5] and “Understanding Hypoglycemia.”[6]

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