Product Review: Tea Forte Single Steeps Tea Chest Sampler

[1]There are so many reasons to enjoy a hot cup of tea. Some are health related, including a lower risk of heart disease[2], type 2 diabetes[3], some types of cancer, and even less depression[4] and anxiety. Other reasons may be that you find drinking a cup of tea helps you unwind from a busy day, or lets you catch up with a good friend. Whatever your reasons are, you’ll be sure to appreciate Tea Forte’s Single Steeps Tea Chest Sampler.

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You’ll get to experience a wide range of different teas (28, to be exact) from around the world, including organic black, white, green and herbal infusions. How does Vanilla Pear, Caramel Nougat, Bombay Chai, or Chamomile Citron grab you? Fix yourself the perfect cup of tea, anytime, anywhere with Tea Forte’s single-serve pouches. Tea Forte’s Tea Chest Sampler is beautifully designed and includes a tasting menu so you can select the tea that best suits your tastes and moods. Makes a perfect gift, too!


Learn more about Tea Forte’s Single Steeps Tea Chest Sampler on Amazon![6]

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