Product Review: Quility Weighted Blanket

Right now, there are a lot of reasons to feel stressed[1] and lose sleep[2]. For people with diabetes, constant stress and lack of sleep can make it harder to manage blood sugars[3], and may also lead to weight gain[4] and a higher risk of heart disease[5].

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A quick and easy way to improve your sleep and banish stress is to use a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets, such as the Quility Weighted Blanket, provide the right amount of pressure on your body — much like getting a good hug. The pressure helps to ease your nervous system, putting you into “rest mode” and instilling a sense of calmness. The Quility Weighted Blanket is made from high-quality durable materials, including microglass beads and a removable, breathable duvet cover. You’ll feel comforted and relaxed; plus, you’ll finally get a good night’s sleep without getting overheated. Choose from a number of different colors and sizes (the recommendation is to select a blanket that is 10% to 12% of your body weight). Invest in your mental health and restful sleep with the Quility Weighted Blanket.

Want to learn more about sleeping well with diabetes? Read “Getting the Sleep You Need,”[7] “Eating for Better Sleep”[8] and “Sleep and Diabetes: What’s the Connection.”[9]

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