Product Review: O’Dang Honey Mustard Hummus Dressing

Salads[1] starting to lose their sparkle? Maybe it’s time to switch up your salad dressing. But if the usual supermarket selections leave you less than excited, give O’Dang Honey Mustard Hummus Dressing a try.

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What’s so different about O’Dang Honey Mustard Hummus Dressing, you ask? It contains chickpeas! And if you like hummus, you’ll love this salad dressing. The chickpeas make this a rich, creamy dressing without fillers, artificial flavorings and the high calorie content of many other dressings. Two tablespoons of O’Dang Honey Mustard Hummus Dressing have just 45 calories and 5 grams of carbohydrate. Plus, this dressing has no saturated fat and just 140 milligrams of sodium per serving. Did we mention that it’s gluten-, egg- and dairy-free, too? It’s great for salads, of course, but it also makes a tasty dip for raw veggies and a super substitute for ketchup on a burger.


Learn more about O’Dang Honey Mustard Hummus Dressing.[3]

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