Product Review: Myabetic Banting Diabetes Supply Case

If you’re wondering how to easily carry all of your diabetes supplies — meter, test strips, lancets, insulin pens[1], and glucose tablets[2], to name a few — coordinate everything with the Myabetic Banting Diabetes Supply Case. This practical and stylish case will keep you organized with a Velcro pocket for your meter, elastic loops for your insulin pens, and a waste pouch for used test strips.

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Made from vegan leather with sleek hardware details, this case fits all glucose meters and is designed for durability. No more forgetting to grab your meter or insulin pen on the way out the door with this fashionable diabetes supply wallet. Tuck it into your handbag or backpack, or carry it on its own. The Myabetic Banting Diabetes Supply Case will make your life easier and less stressful. Available in black, charcoal, Crimson Red, and Paradise Blue.

Learn more about the Myabetic Banting Diabetes Supply Case on the manufacturer’s website.[4]

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