Product Review: Harney & Sons Fruit Tea Sampler

[1]In a world full of sugar-laden drinks that can spike your blood sugar[2], finding something carb- and sugar-free to sip on that actually tastes good can be tricky.

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Thanks to Harney & Sons Fruit Tea Sampler, your search is over. Their sample pack includes six (count ’em!) different flavors to keep you sipping in style all summer long. With flavors like Blood Orange, Strawberry Kiwi, Goji Berry, Mango, Peach, and Orange Passion Fruit, how can you go wrong? These teas are naturally caffeine- and gluten-free and contain zero sugar. They’re made from the finest quality ingredients, such as dried fruit, hibiscus, marigold petals, and rosehips that are carefully blended to bring out the best flavor. Enjoy hot or cold, day or night. Harney & Sons Fruit Tea Sampler also makes a terrific gift for any tea lover — even yourself!

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