Product Review: CeraVe Acne Control Cleanser

Acne isn’t just for teens — adults can and do get acne, too! You can beat acne, though, by giving your skin a fighting chance, thanks to CeraVe, a trusted name in skincare.

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CeraVe Acne Control Cleanser contains three key ingredients: salicylic acid (a beta hydroxy acid) to treat and prevent acne; hectorite clay to absorb oil and minimize shine; niacinamide to calm your skin; and ceramides to restore and maintain your skin’s natural barrier. This cleanser reduces blackheads and minimizes pores, while treating acne at the same time. It’s a clear gel that foams up into a light lather, gently cleansing and hydrating your skin without stripping it of its natural moisture. Use CeraVe Acne Control Cleanser morning and night; for extra benefit, apply CeraVe Acne Control Gel after cleansing. Goodbye acne, hello soft, healthy skin!


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