Product Review: Bulbhead Egg Sitter Support Cushion

[1]Spending more time at home means you might be sitting a lot more than usual. And sitting for long periods of time can put a lot of pressure on your tailbone and hips which, in turn, can lead to lower back pain[2] and sciatica.


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If you’re dealing with this, it’s time to give the Egg Sitter Support Cushion a try. This cushion’s unique honeycomb design absorbs your weight and takes pressure off of sensitive areas, all the while supporting your spine and allowing air to circulate (no hot sticky cushion here!). It’s perfect for your kitchen chair, office chair, recliner and even your car seat. The Egg Sitter Support Cushion supports so well that you can literally sit on an egg with this cushion and it won’t break (really!). Give your backside some well-deserved comfort with this innovative cushion.

Learn more about the Bulbhead Egg Sitter Support Cushion on Amazon![4]

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