2021 Prime Day Deals for Diabetics

Amazon Prime Day is here, and we searched through the deals to find some products that we think are good for people with diabetes. Don’t wait too long — Prime Day ends on June 22.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Prime here[1]. 

NEIPOTA Bed Pillows [2]NEIPOTA Bed Pillows 

Neipota developed a new type of elastic polyester fiber material used in its pillows to offer more support and reduce back and neck pain and snoring. The pillows come in packs of two and are available in king, queen, and standard sizes. 

Learn more at NEIPOTA Bed Pillows on Amazon![3]

Dr. Scholl's Shoes[4]Dr. Scholl’s Shoes

In need of a new pair of shoes? From sneakers to slippers and sandals, there are several pairs for men and women from Dr. Scholl’s available at reduced prices. 

Learn more at Dr. Scholl’s Shoes on Amazon![5]

Reusable Storage Bags[6]Reusable Storage Bags

Whether you’re bringing lunch to work or preparing ingredients for dinner in advance, these stand up, reusable storage bags from Ehoyal will keep your food fresh. They are freezer safe and easy to seal. 

Learn more at Ehoyal Reusable Storage bags on Amazon![7]

Homech Heating Pad[8]Homech Heating Pad 

The Homech Heating Pad has six different temperature settings and allows for moist or dry heating, so you can customize it for your treatment. The control panel is removable, so you can machine wash the pad when needed. 

Learn more about the Homech Heating Pad on Amazon![9]

SKDK Full Leg Sleeves[10]SKDK Full Leg Sleeves

These leg sleeves are made from high-performance material and designed to keep the optimal joint temperature, reduce pain, and improve circulation. SKDK offers them in 13 different colors. 

Learn more about SKDK Full Leg Sleeves on Amazon![11]

EASYFEET Flame Boost Shoe Inserts[12]EASYFEET Flame Boost Shoe Inserts

These Flame Boost inserts are designed to prevent slippage that can cause blisters and to reduce the risk of foot and joint pain. They are also made with a gel-forefront and heel pads to provide extra cushioning with each step. 

Learn more at EASYFEET Flame Boost Shoe inserts on Amazon![13]

Amazon will add more deals throughout Prime Day, so check this page[14] regularly to see what goes on sale.

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