Product Review: DiabetAid Pain & Tingling Relief

[1]Pain from diabetic neuropathy[2] can range from mild to debilitating. Over-the-counter and prescription medication can provide relief from pain, and while these can be very effective, you might be looking for something with fewer side effects. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in chili peppers, has clinically been shown to provide relief from neuropathy pain, as well as joint pain and pain from arthritis, gout and shingles[3].


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DiabetAid Pain & Tingling Relief Lotion contains 0.025% capsaicin to provide relief from the pain and tingling symptoms of neuropathy. Suitable for use on hands and feet, this topical analgesic lotion is made with a blend of four moisturizers, including allantoin and aloe vera gel to combat dryness. Ease your pain today with DiabetAid Pain & Tingling Relief Lotion.

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Want to learn more about neuropathy? Read “Coping With Painful Neuropathy,”[6] “Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy,”[7] and “Controlling Neuropathic Pain.”[8]

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