Laughter: A Good Medicine to Add to Your Arsenal


There I was, slogging through miles and piles of e-mail after my trip, when I opened one and literally burst out laughing. The poster’s insurance company, she wrote, said it had covered her insulin pump supplies "much longer" than it had planned and advised her to look into a lower-cost alternative for her treatment.

"Do they think," she wrote, "I only intended on having diabetes for a couple of years and then maybe I’d move on to a cheaper
disease?!" Read More “Laughter: A Good Medicine to Add to Your Arsenal”

Fatal Distraction


Before we began our cruise last week, I told my granddaughter how much she could charge on her room key/credit card and admonished her not to spend money in the arcade or the Internet café. That was Sunday. Read More “Fatal Distraction”

Recipe of the Week: Asparagus salad with yogurt dressing


One way to get more vegetables into your diet (a topic Amy Campbell writes about this week in her blog entry) is to make them the star of the show. Asparagus is in season now; why not pick some up at your local market and toss with yogurt, herbs, and cherry tomatoes to make this salad? One serving of the low-calorie, low-carbohydrate dish supplies two servings of vegetables.

Click here for the recipe.

And remember that hundreds of additional recipes are always available in our recipes section! Read More “Recipe of the Week: Asparagus salad with yogurt dressing”

Wellness is a Team Sport, Part 1: “I Hate to Ask”


When I started to become disabled with multiple sclerosis (MS), I rapidly learned that I needed help. If I wanted to go places, do things, earn a living, and enjoy life, other people would have to get involved. Over time, I’ve also needed more support from assistive devices—ankle braces, canes, a mobility scooter. With help, I’m having a great life. Without it, I’d be isolated, poverty-stricken, and miserable. Read More “Wellness is a Team Sport, Part 1: “I Hate to Ask””

Your Mother Was Right: Eat Your Fruits and Veggies!


Unless you’ve buried your head in the sand or just returned from a trip to Mars, it’s pretty clear that we all need to fit more fruits and vegetables into our diets. Some of you have been hearing this advice since the days you sat at your parents’ kitchen table, picking at overcooked peas or canned fruit cocktail. I remember being told to sit at the table until I finished my broccoli, which I hated as a child (now I love it). Read More “Your Mother Was Right: Eat Your Fruits and Veggies!”

Slow Down, You Eat Too Fast!


While thinking about possible topics for this week’s blog entry, for some reason I thought about how quickly people eat. Being a dietitian, I’m always attuned to things like what foods people put in their shopping carts, what people order at a restaurant, and how much and how fast people eat. For example, my husband tends to eat quickly, as does a colleague of mine. When I eat with them, I find myself eating quickly, too, as though I need to keep pace, and I need to consciously force myself to slow down. Read More “Slow Down, You Eat Too Fast!”

Take Care and Be Well, My Friends


It is with some regrets and some relief that I begin this last blog entry for It has been a very challenging exercise to continue to find new things to write about every week. I will be relieved that that pressure to perform will be lifted. As you see from my 40+ blog entries, emotional issues are plentiful, yet sometimes difficult to put into the words that all can benefit from. I hope that I’ve at least given you something to think about, even if you didn’t agree with what I’ve said. Read More “Take Care and Be Well, My Friends”


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