Self-Managing Depression


For the last two weeks, we’ve been talking about causes of depression. Now let’s see what we can do about it.

In my view, depression is a symptom of powerlessness. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You can manage and overcome depression, just like you can with physical symptoms. In this blog entry, I’ll give some ideas about managing and treating the symptoms of depression. Next week, we’ll deal with treating the causes.

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Take a Hike!


I live in New England and, so far, we’ve had a great fall. The weather has been unusually warm, and the foliage is becoming spectacular with its bright colors. Fall is a good time to get outside and enjoy nature before the cold, snowy weather sets in. Whether you’re a serious hiker, or a hunter, or just like to take long walks in the woods, there are a few considerations to keep in mind if you have diabetes. Read More “Take a Hike!”

Diabetes Blogs


Blog. It sounds like something you would say when you are feeling under the weather (“I’m feeling so blog today…”), but it is actually short for Web log, a regularly updated online journal. Blogs were originally used by people who… Read More “Diabetes Blogs”

Getting Started With Blogs


Creating a blog is free and typically takes about 10 minutes to launch. How much time you spend updating your blog after that is up to you. Blog hosting sites include the following:

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Treating Depression Through the Workplace


As bloggers Jan Chait and David Spero discussed in their blog entries ("Diabetes-Savvy Mental Health Professionals Needed" and "Depression and Type 2 Diabetes—Symptoms or Disease?") this week, people who have diabetes are also more prone to depression. Depression is highly treatable, but a large percentage of people with depression are not diagnosed or treated, and depression is a leading contributor to disability worldwide. A study published last month, however, shows that the workplace may be an effective—and cost-effective—place to diagnose and treat depression. Read More “Treating Depression Through the Workplace”



Oxygen is a Jekyll and Hyde element. We need it for critical body functions, such as respiration and immune response, but the element’s dark side is a reactive chemical nature that can damage body cells and tissues. The perpetrators of this… Read More “Antioxidants”


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