Technology for Weight Loss

Technology has integrated itself into every aspect of our lives and, as much as we might not like to admit it, most of us would be lost without our digital devices. While the reliance on gadgets can be unhealthy, used the right way, technology can help you meet your health goals, including weight management.

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Control portions

Controlling your portion sizes can help you maintain a healthy weight and stabilize your blood sugar levels[2]. A device such as the Smart Diet Scale, a high-tech food scale, can help you measure your portion sizes and track carbohydrate, fat, calorie, and protein content, so that you can monitor your nutrition intake via the corresponding smartphone app.

Track carbs and calories

Whether you need to lose some weight or maintain your current weight, tracking your calorie and carbohydrate intake accurately can help you succeed. Fortunately, technology has made the process much easier:

Motivation to move

With wearable technology such as the Fitbit, you can track your daily activity levels and exercise using the power of an accelerometer (a tool that measures movement). Some Fitbit models even have heart rate monitoring capabilities to ensure you get the most out of your workout. Wearable gadgets can also share information and challenges with your friends on social media, helping to keep you motivated when working toward a specific weight-management or exercise goal. Some activity trackers can additionally be set to send you reminders, prompting you to complete your daily goals.

Connect with professionals 

With a smartphone app, you always have access to your nutrition and activity tracking data, making it simpler to keep an accurate and up-to-date log of your progress. It also makes it easier to share your data with your healthcare provider. As an example, Glooko[5] is a diabetes management platform that creates a digital logbook of information that you can share with your physician or diabetes specialist for review and analysis.

The future of diabetes tech

Watch this space — technology is set to make your diabetes and weight management goals easier to track and achieve!

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