UTI Prevention is Possible, Even When Living with Diabetes.

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Utiva urinary tract infection supplement


Utiva urinary tract infection supplement


It is a fact that half of all women will get a urinary tract infection (UTI) at least once in their lifetime. Many men will get one, too. Distressingly, UTIs account for one-quarter of all frequent clinical bacterial infections in women, and up to 40% of patients have recurrent infections.

Needless to say, living with diabetes has been known to come with UTIs due to a number of factors including poor blood circulation, high blood glucose levels and our bladders not working properly. UTIs are common enough that even the medications that we take to control our glucose levels often have UTIs listed as a very common side effect or adverse event.

In light of this, Utiva is a young company working to optimize your urinary tract health. The company’s principles ensure that the products they bring to market are simple, natural, and backed by science. Utiva has learned that many natural products are not always as they seem or are marketed for, which is unfair to the everyday consumer.

UTIVA UTI Prevention Supplement

Utiva has worked hard to build a name with medical specialists nationwide. Their clinically proven UTI prevention supplement meets physician guidelines across North America and is FDA compliant as a solution that can help stop bacteria from sticking and therefore reducing UTI recurrences and the need for antibiotics. UTIs are one of the leading reasons for antibiotics to be prescribed, which can inevitably lead to many users developing antibiotic resistance.

Utiva’s UTI prevention supplement does this by having one of the highest PAC concentrations available on the market. PACs, or proanthocyanidins, are clinically proven to be active molecules from the cranberry which is responsible for stopping bacteria from creating an infection. Most products do not state their PAC count as they have little to none. Utiva provides 36mg of PACs daily in a small 240mg daily dose which makes it a simple 1 per day prevention option – the precise amount you need to be effective.

As well, cranberries are known to be high in vitamin K and oxalates which can impact blood pressure medication and aggravate kidney stones. Rest assured that Utiva has removed all the vitamin K and only has trace amounts of oxalates making it safe for anyone to take!

Utiva urinary tract infection supplement

“Living with monthly UTIs for 7 years because I am diabetic and constant antibiotic use was disrupting my quality of life.  I tried so many natural products and nothing worked.  Then I was recommended Utiva by my Urologist and living life again 20 months UTI free.” K.F., USA

Lastly, Utiva also has UTI Home Test kits which allow for testing your symptoms conveniently at home. They are the same tests used in medical clinics and results come within 2 minutes!

UTI prevention is possible. Utiva is here to help.

Utiva UTI Prevention Supplement

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You can also reach us at 1-888-622-3613 or [email protected].

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