A Trip to the DMV With My Diabetes Man-Purse

Yesterday, I went to the New York State DMV on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn to get my driver’s license renewed. My license expired two weeks ago on my birthday, and ever since then I’d been dreading this day. I tried to keep my hopes up that the turnaround would be quick, checked my blood glucose (82), ate a granola bar, and shuffled out the door with my mp3 player clipped to my belt loop. Read More “A Trip to the DMV With My Diabetes Man-Purse”

Symptoms of Depression

If you experience five or more of these symptoms every day for at least two weeks and they are interfering with routine daily activities such as work, self-care, child care, or your social life, you should seek an evaluation for depression.
Read More “Symptoms of Depression”

Read More About It

When it comes to sexuality, sex and diabetes being informed can only help. MEDLINE PLUS Female Sexual Dysfunction www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/femalesexualdysfunction.html Read articles from respected publications on … Read More “Read More About It”

Article of the Week: Understanding Insulin

In his blog entry this week, Andy Stuckey talks about how certain activities affect the action of the insulin he takes. This article from the archives delves further into the topic of insulin. It discusses the role that insulin plays in the body, different types of synthetic insulin that are on the market, available methods of insulin delivery, and challenges of insulin therapy, including hypoglycemia.

Click here to read the article.

And remember that articles on a wide variety of diabetes topics are always available in our magazine archives section! Read More “Article of the Week: Understanding Insulin”

Family Projects and Sneaky Low Blood Glucose

This week in diabetes all was going well until we decided to do a “family project.” Now, like any good husband, I’m all about a family project. In my family growing up, a family project was always entertaining, partly due to a combination of my sarcastic nature and the idea of everyone trying to work together. It usually ended in my mom questioning what my dad was doing and my dad finishing the job alone after questioning her question as only a father can. My dad is a fairly handy guy, but apparently that gene skipped me. Read More “Family Projects and Sneaky Low Blood Glucose”

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