Juice vs. Fruit: What’s Better for Diabetes?


This past week, results of a European study, published in the International Journal of Food Science and Nutrition in 2006, made the news. This study was actually a comprehensive review of the literature on fruit and vegetable juices. And while it may not sound like an exciting paper to read, this study does raise an interesting point. Here’s the crux of the study, according to the authors: “When considering cancer and coronary heart disease prevention, there is no evidence that pure fruit and vegetable juices are less beneficial than whole fruit and vegetables.” Read More “Juice vs. Fruit: What’s Better for Diabetes?”

Recipe of the Week: Colorful vegetable casserole


Getting more colorful vegetables on your plate not only makes food easier to see, but ups your intake of an important variety of vitamins, minerals, and other healthful plant substances. Feel free to vary some of the vegetables and seasonings in this casserole to your liking.

Click here for the recipe.

And remember that hundreds of additional recipes are always available in our recipes section! Read More “Recipe of the Week: Colorful vegetable casserole”

Guided Imagery – Complement to Conventional Therapy


During the last 10–15 years, many of us involved in the world of health and healing have been intrigued by alternative medicine and complementary therapies. Some of these therapies have been embraced for a long time, even though they haven’t been researched for effectiveness. They are often used by people because we believe that are going to work, and in some instances they actually do work to help us feel better. But because they often haven’t been fully researched, we’re not totally sure if they seem to work because of a placebo effect or because they are actually doing something to make a difference. Read More “Guided Imagery – Complement to Conventional Therapy”

Article of the Week: Tools and Techniques for Visual Impairment


Did you know that changing the color of text to create more contrast with the background—as we’ve recently done on our Web site—makes it easier to read what’s on a computer screen if you have low vision? In fact, that’s just one of many techniques that can help make daily living easier for a person with visual impairment. This article from the archives is full of tips, tricks, and information about products that can help people with low vision carry out their day-to-day tasks, including diabetes tasks.

Click here to read the article.

And remember that articles on a wide variety of diabetes topics are always available in our magazine archives section! Read More “Article of the Week: Tools and Techniques for Visual Impairment”

What We’re Reading: Interview With an Exubera User


This week, we’d like to direct your attention to this post at entitled “Followup with a Real, Live Exubera User.” In the post, blogger Amy Tenderich interviews Jennifer Haws, who has been using Exubera inhaled insulin for three months. The blog entry features practical questions about inhaling insulin as well as links to a recent Los Angeles Times article about Exubera and to Amy’s original interview with Jennifer when she first began to use Exubera.

Amy Tenderich is a writer with Type 1 diabetes.

Do you have any experiences with Exubera that you’d like to share? If so, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment on this post. Read More “What We’re Reading: Interview With an Exubera User”


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