Insurance Coverage for Talking Meters

If you have private insurance, your insurance company will probably cover the cost of a talking blood glucose meter. However, many insurance plans cover more of the cost of particular brands of meters or cover only selected brands of meters. Before making a purchase, find out whether your insurance covers the cost of the meter that best meets your needs. And more important, find out whether your insurance will cover the ongoing cost of the strips that are used with that meter. Coverage varies from one insurance company to the next, between policies provided by the same company, and sometimes even in the same policy from one year to the next, so you will need to contact your insurance company for information specific to the policy you currently have.

Under Part B coverage, Medicare will cover a talking meter or add-on voice attachment for people who have legal blindness or lower vision. The meter or attachment must be billed under code E2100, and you will be asked to provide documentation of your visual impairment from your ophthalmologist[1]. (Medicare requires that all of the correct documentation be received before they will pay for a talking meter.)

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