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Underwriting Department
ABC Life Insurance Company
City, State XXXXX

To Whom It May Concern:

Please find attached my application for life insurance. After working with my broker, (insert name here), we have decided to apply for 2 million dollars of 20-year term coverage.

Please note, per the application, that I have diabetes.

My age of onset was 17.

I am currently using an insulin pump and take 30 units of insulin daily.

I monitor my blood glucose levels daily; my average reading is 117 mg/dl.

My A1C levels are tested quarterly by my doctor. Recent readings are as follows:

• 2/07 7.7%
• 6/07 7.7%
• 9/07 7.4%
• 1/08 7.5%

I walk my dog two miles a day, and I take a Pilates class at the gym on Saturday mornings. My nutritionist and I have developed a specific diet that I follow closely. My weight has come down 4 pounds in the last year.

I do not smoke or drink alcohol. I have minimal diabetic neuropathy, but I do not let it interfere with my exercise.

The best exercise I get is during my weekly visit with my three grandchildren. They run me pretty ragged.

Please take these factors into consideration as you evaluate my application.

Thank you.
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