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Continuous glucose monitoring, or CGM, can give you real-time information about where your glucose levels are and how they are trending to help you better manage your diabetes. In this video, hosted by certified diabetes educator and registered dietitian Alison Massey, learn how this technology works, who can benefit the most from a CGM device, and more.

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A Week With My New CGM

Let’s go through exactly what a CGM is, and how it works. A CGM measures sugar every five minutes, using a sensor that is attached to the user with adhesive...

More Thoughts on My New CGM

I’m in the middle of my fourth day using my continuous glucose monitor (CGM), and I can say a few things rather definitively: 1. I will NEVER go without a CGM again, as long as I can possibly help it...

Final Thoughts on My New CGM

After three weeks using a CGM (continuous glucose monitor), I’m officially a convert. This technology manages to give a level of detail and understanding into how blood sugar is behaving that is light years beyond what we can achieve with finger sticks alone...