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You will receive free access to four (4) eWorkshops put on by certified diabetes educators and other health-care experts. We will notify you prior to each eWorkshop with details on accessing them for free.

eWorkshops Dates
Blood Sugar Monitoring  January 25, 2018
To Be Announced To Be Announced

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Quarterly mailings of coupons to help you SAVE BIG on diabetes- and other health-related products. Your first set of coupons will be mailed to you within the next two weeks.

Diabetes Log & Learn

Your Log & Learn blood glucose book will be mailed to you within the next two weeks.

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Quarterly mailings of recipes will be mailed to you. Your first set of recipe cards and ring will be sent to you within the next two weeks.

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you are already a susbcriber to either, the issues will be added onto your current subscription,
extending it by one year.

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