Impossible to Come Down From the High

A person without diabetes reading that title would probably think so I was going through some awesome life experience and filled with happiness and euphoria. Unfortunately for me, it's a literal blood sugar high that I could not come down from yesterday... Read More

The End Of Freshman Year

I truly cannot believe that as I sit here writing this I'm going into my absolute final week as a freshman in college. The hurdle has been conquered! Whoever said time flies really hit the nail on the head. But despite how quickly this year went by, I feel as though I held on to every moment and really appreciated all that it had to offer... Read More

Friends for Life: Part 2

So in the last week or so, not too much has changed in my diabetes care. No real exciting updates or particularly interesting stories to share, so I figure, why not write about something that is always exciting for me and that flows so naturally? The Children with Diabetes (CWD) conferences! Read More

Road Trip!

For as long as I can remember, my family has been driving on one trip or another.We've been taking these trips from before I was diagnosed, but after getting Type 1, we had to learn how to manage my diabetes while on the road... Read More

Constant Lows

For as long as I've had diabetes, it's been a constant battle of trying to work against spikes or uncontrollable highs. However, for the past few weeks it's been the exact opposite... Read More

Tips for Staying Motivated

One issue that I face on a regular basis is finding myself weary of dealing with diabetes. I just feel burnt out and not up to the task of staying on top of things. I've been thinking of the ways that I get myself out of these "diabetes ruts" and compiled it into what I hope will be a motivational blog post (both for you and for me!)... Read More

Not Dead Yet

This week I had one of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong did. I woke up low, super groggy, and super miserable. After eating breakfast, I decided to go back to sleep to start fresh in an hour or so... Read More

The Pros and Cons of Type 1

A little while back, I asked some of my friends with Type 1 diabetes what their favorite thing was about living with the condition, followed by their least favorite thing. I've decided to make a post out of those responses, in the hopes that those of you with Type 1 will be reminded that you're not alone... Read More