Getting the Group You Need

In an ideal world, we would all have friends and family members who would provide the support we needed whenever we needed it. In an ideal world, we would have no need for self-help groups or support groups. The reality, however, is that at times most of us need a type of support that requires acceptance from others who are struggling with a similar issue. Read More “Getting the Group You Need”

Depression, Diabetes, and Heart Disease

It seems that, with some medical conditions, there is a domino effect that is easy to recognize only when we are at the end of the process. For instance, we noticed that many people who develop heart disease have had diabetes for quite some time, so we finally began to do some prospective research that indicated that having diabetes was a risk factor for developing heart disease. It may seem kind of like an “Oh, duh” experience now, but there was a time when we only knew about the connection intuitively. Read More “Depression, Diabetes, and Heart Disease”

Attitude of Gratitude

Minnesota finally got some snow this past weekend. It is beautiful and fairly deep, about 10–12 inches. Our usual bragging rights are simply about the cold, but now we have something we can play in. I like the snow today, but the other night I didn’t feel so kind. Read More “Attitude of Gratitude”

Depression in Men

As a middle-aged man, I am at a point in my life when the idea of seeing a doctor for any reason has become a bit threatening. I am frightened of what the doc may find when he starts poking and prodding my aging body. As with any machine, the body begins to break down, and even with regular maintenance (exercise, meditation, and good food), it is still going to develop some minor problems. Read More “Depression in Men”

The Times They Are A-Changin’

So what was Bob Dylan referring to when he sang that song in the 1960’s? At the time he was singing about war, racism, relationships, and politics; aging and how it was necessary to do something or get left behind. The 60’s were years of testing out new ways of looking at and living life. Those of us who were emerging into adulthood then were often engaged in struggles over how we were going to act and what we were willing to risk to have the life we felt good about.

Some chose to keep up the fight, but some of us found our way into a relatively conventional and risk-free lifestyle. The irony is that now we are reaching midlife and finding that “the times they are a-changin'” again. Read More “The Times They Are A-Changin’”

Guided Imagery – Complement to Conventional Therapy

During the last 10–15 years, many of us involved in the world of health and healing have been intrigued by alternative medicine and complementary therapies. Some of these therapies have been embraced for a long time, even though they haven’t been researched for effectiveness. They are often used by people because we believe that are going to work, and in some instances they actually do work to help us feel better. But because they often haven’t been fully researched, we’re not totally sure if they seem to work because of a placebo effect or because they are actually doing something to make a difference. Read More “Guided Imagery – Complement to Conventional Therapy”

When Therapy Doesn’t Help

Diabetes is a condition that can make people feel like they have done something wrong even when they haven’t. The unpredictable fluctuations and frustrations that come with diabetes, even when you behave the way health-care professionals have suggested, can make you think that you messed up. For instance, when someone like me suggests that if you go to therapy you will feel better, and you follow my advice, you expect that you will feel better. However, sometimes that isn’t the outcome. So what might interfere with effective therapy, and who is at fault? Read More “When Therapy Doesn’t Help”


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