No, This Is Not What “Spring Forward” Means

It was another exciting night in the Chait household. One minute I was watching TV; the next, I was watching the floor fly up to smack me in the face. "Jan," I said to myself, "you're supposed to lean back in a recliner – not lean forward..." Read More

Taking an Unwelcome Guest Along for a Visit

I went to Texas to get away from winter but, as it turned out, I took winter with me. The cold came along. The ice came along. Even some snow followed me there. The daughter of the house had come home for the weekend, but had to leave early to get back to campus in Waco before the worst stuff hit. She later sent video of herself scraping a passel of ice off her car... Read More

Is That an Igloo in My Backyard?

Did your team win the Super Bowl? I could have gone either way. I used to live in Seattle, so I could have rooted for the Seahawks. However, I live in Indiana now and current Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning took our Colts to the Super Bowl (where they won) whenever it was. Three years ago? Four? So I went with Peyton... Read More

Another Reason It’s Called Type 2?

It's snowing. Again? Still? I've lost track. Unlike a couple of weeks ago, when we got back-to-back major snowfalls and sub-zero temperatures, we're just getting a little bit of snow every day (after day after day after)… Read More

Lobegon Participants Continue to Dwindle

Are you keeping warm out there? Our high on Sunday was minus 2 degrees. We also had about 1 foot of snow on top of the 8 inches we already had on the ground. I may stay indoors until we're well into spring... Read More