Spread the Fear

In the absence of anything really substantive and personal to write about this week, I'll spend my time writing about an issue that isn't really personal and, I don't think, really very substantive. In fact — and feel free to disagree with me — it's probably not a big deal at all; I'll go so far as to say it's a story only because it's a story... Read More

Think About It

I'm here today to talk to you about talking. About your illness. And to say that I think you should think more. About your illness. Why is that? Because of last night... Read More

Lower A1C, Happier Me

Earlier this week I made my way to the endocrinologist for my four-month checkup. As has become my blogging habit, it is now my duty to share the details of this visit with you. Why? Because I know you really care. Why else? Because apart from visiting my doctor, this has been a slow week for Eric Lagergren, person with diabetes (PWD)... Read More

Illness Wins the Day

Yesterday I called in a sick day for work. Was I sick? No. Yes. Well, at least at first I didn't think so. I was taking a mental health day. That's all. No fever, no sniffles... Read More

Kit Carry Conundrum

Who carries your blood glucose monitoring kit? You? Sure, that seems likely. Do you stick it in your purse or a man bag (or man purse or murse)? Does your kit find its way around town in a workbag, lunch bag, gym bag, or fanny pack? How about a messenger bag or other such satchel, perhaps on your bike or scooter compartment or a saddlebag on your hog? Read More

Lift a Heavy Load

We've all heard about the importance of physical activity in helping to manage our health, and there are innumerable articles across this vast Web expanse that promote exercise routines for better management of your diabetes and to help prevent those complications that so often accompany our pancreatic malady... Read More

Pump Assessment Continues

It takes some time to adjust to a new insulin pump. How long, exactly, I'm not sure. However, I'm about a month into my life with the Animas OneTouch Ping (with the meter-remote), and I'd say that this week's blog entry and possibly one more will be the extent to which I write about my pump transition process. The verdict on Animas vs. Cozmo as of this writing? Read More

And More Pump Adjustment

I find myself late in the second week of life with my new insulin pump, the Animas OneTouch Ping. As I informed you last week, my plan for the next several blog entries is to write up my reactions to life with this device, touching on differences I observe after having spent four years with the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump... Read More