A Very Mild Funk

Perhaps it’s the time of year, but the past few weeks I’ve failed to find motivation for the maintenance of healthy habits. I know it’s not a big deal; one can’t ceaselessly ride the wave of “life’s awesome” in the way I’d been doing so for the past — well, let’s just say that I’ve been funkless for a long time… Read More “A Very Mild Funk”

Lost It

Let me recap for you a rather boneheaded thing I did on Sunday’s trip home from Kansas during which I lost, for the first time in my tenure as a person with Type 1 diabetes, an important part of my diabetes accoutrement… Read More “Lost It”

30 Things About My Invisible Illness

I’m headed out of town for a couple of days back to Kansas (boyhood home) to attend the Svensk Hyllningsfest in Lindsborg, get back to my Swedish roots, and see some of my family. So to get my blog entry off in time, I decided to do a delinquent answering of the “30 Questions” that came out in conjunction with National Invisible Chronic Illness Week (NICIW) a couple of weeks ago… Read More “30 Things About My Invisible Illness”

Age or Illness

I’m 37 years old. That’s not young, despite people 15 or 20 or 30 years older than I am telling me, “You’re still young.” People, I’m over twice the age I was when I graduated high school. My friends have children who are graduating high school this year. I have gray hair… Read More “Age or Illness”

Good Control Equals Quiet Me

My wife and I have a pretty good group of friends who for years we’ve met up with at our local microbrewery, which is a short walk from our house. We gather every few weeks or as often as possible to sit around and talk, enjoy a beer or two, play cards, and other good friends good times social activities that, if you want to imagine it, probably looks kind of like a beer advertisement — cue the music… Read More “Good Control Equals Quiet Me”


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