Brief Meditation on Lows

I'm unable to predict when I'm going to have a hypoglycemic episode. They don't happen often, and when they do, after I've gotten my blood glucose back up and after I've fought off the desire to eat half of what's in the kitchen, I try to think back and reconstruct events leading up to the low blood sugar so I can figure out what to do in order to prevent it the next time... Read More

The Pancreata in Our House

There's something about that gland organ the pancreas in our comfy little home. Although it's just the three of us — Kathryn (my wife), Ellie (our dog, a labradoodle), and me (a guy with Type 1 diabetes) — those who have diseases of the pancreas now outnumber those without... Read More

Yes, But You’re Wrong

Kathryn (my wife) recently had a conversation with someone during which she (Kathryn) spent much of her time dispelling her friend's confusion about what my life with diabetes is like... Read More

Apps, Interviews, and Panels

The past few weeks have been rather involved for me, diabetes-wise. See, in addition to that panel I was part of with the University of Michigan Medical School's Family Centered Experience program, there have been two other rather out-of-the-blue diabetes-related requests... Read More

In No Particular Order

Morning walks with the dog. A warm bed in a cold room. Crispy leaves on the sidewalks. Seeing my breath. A new and better way to tie my shoes. Chairs that recline. Century-old red brick. Sunlight through my office windows. Deep breaths that end in a smile... Read More

Don’t Blame It on the Blood Glucose

I've given some thought to whether or not I should share the very awkward two or three minutes I went through yesterday. I wasn't going to. Then I was. About an hour ago I wasn't. But now I am, because time's beginning to heal my embarrassment, so, really, what the heck, right? Read More