A Day at the Races


So I’ve been doing some work for a TV show lately and last week went on a very interesting shoot. I was one of three cameras filming one of the show’s hosts as she learned to drive a stock car at the Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania. It was a gorgeous day and I gained a new respect for race car drivers. Read More “A Day at the Races”

Back From the Honeymoon


After reading Joe Nelson’s August 17 blog entry, I thought I would also comment on “diabetes in the bedroom.” I just got back from my honeymoon, and it’s safe to say I’m no longer a virgin and my wife has not contracted diabetes from our interactions. Score one for “the Brimley.” (In case you don’t know, “the Brimley” is the new nickname for diabetes since the term diabetic is obsolete. If folks ask why you have to take shots or wear a pump on your stomach, tell them you’ve got “the Brimley.”) Read More “Back From the Honeymoon”

Intro and a Little About Me


Well, where do I begin? I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes on Christmas Day in 2003, at the age of 28. A little strange to be hit with Type 1 at that age, but what can you do? Just when I thought I’d won the genetic lottery, Santa Claus gave me diabetes. (Santa Claus is your mom and dad.) To deal with the diagnosis, I wrote a song called "Santa Claus Gave Me Diabetes." Read More “Intro and a Little About Me”


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