Medicare and Chronic Care

A proposed rule change would let Medicare pay doctors to coordinate the care of patients with multiple chronic conditions outside of face-to-face appointments. Will this improve the quality of care? Read More

Good-bye, and a Surprise Ending

This week in diabetes, I say good-bye to my Diabetes Self-Management blog. I’ve been writing weekly now for about a year, and for those who read regularly and commented, thanks. I hope you learned and laughed a little at some of my insights—or lack thereof. It certainly is an ongoing process. Read More

Tales from Nicaragua

Since I was away last week, I have a double entry for you here. Enjoy.

Last week I was in Nicaragua with my wife, visiting some friends who had moved there after Hurricane Katrina. They lived in New Orleans for a while after Katrina, but then decided to pack up and drive to Nicaragua, a place they had visited a fair number of times but never actually resided. Read More

Low Blood Glucose Story of the Week

I have a little confession to make this week. Yesterday evening, Murray and I were out shooting a fake commercial that we will use as part of one of our shows soon. (The phony product is an adult beverage.) Anyway, we were getting some "beauty shots"—it's an industry term—in the Brooklyn Bridge Park at sunset yesterday and were in a bit of a hurry. The sun was setting fast and we were losing light. We set up the fake bottle and a pint glass on the rocks looking out over the city. I was filming the whole thing and as we finished our last slow-mo shot, I felt my blood glucose sinking. Read More

Checking Makes My Blood Glucose Feel Lower?

When I feel like my blood glucose is a little low and then check it and it is, let's say, 82 mg/dl like it was the other morning, all of a sudden the shakiness and low-blood-glucose feeling that wasn't so dramatic to begin with immediately heightens. It's as if a trigger has been pulled telling my body that, yes, the levels are off. What started off as a routine check all of sudden becomes a scrambling panic to raise my blood glucose level. Read More

Distracted in Canada?

This week was a big one for Stuckey and Murray. We secured a flat for the month of August for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and we are performing with our employer at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in the middle of July. Montreal will hopefully be good preparation for our trip to Scotland, assuming I'm not too distracted in Canada. I hope I meet another person with diabetes on Lantus (insulin glargine) while in Canada so we can compare insulin prices. Read More

Diabetic Superheroes and Villians

Yesterday, I went on an audition for a Trident commercial, and the whole gist of the audition was improvising on the topic of gum. The script I received had a few paragraphs of ideas, but you were told you could take it in any direction you wanted. However, as I scanned the page, one of the ideas caught my eye. The premise was a standup comic talking about gum in a classic, brick-wall comedy club. The script talked about how normal it was to ask for a piece of gum and contained the line, "It's rare you hear someone say 'can I have some insulin?'" Read More

Dilated and Dealing With It

Yesterday was a great day of circumstance in my little world of diabetes. I started the morning off rehearsing a brand new dirty song that Murray and I wrote and that will be performed at our next show. I’m curious to see how audiences react. I left our rehearsal at 1 PM and headed up to the Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center for the second time in a month. This time, I was going to visit the ophthalmologist. Read More

Which Insulin Pen is Mightier than the Sword?

I made it back from the tour with my Lantus (insulin glargine) bottle in check and I didn’t run out of FlexPen needles before I made it home to Brooklyn to refill my prescription. My pharmacist, meanwhile, has been having quite a battle finding NovoPen Junior cartridges. I’ve received two phone calls in a matter of hours from the pharmacist with questions and one phone call from my endocrinologist asking if there was a problem with the pharmacy. Good to know that they are looking out for me. Read More