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Have you ever wanted to attend a professional diabetes conference but didn’t think you’d fit in or be welcome? If so, now may be the chance you’ve been waiting for. The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) is holding its 20th World Diabetes Congress in Montreal, Canada, from October 18–22, and people with diabetes are invited.


IDF is a worldwide alliance of over 200 diabetes associations in more than 160 countries. For over 50 years, IDF has been committed to raising global awareness of diabetes, promoting appropriate diabetes care and prevention worldwide, and encouraging activities toward finding a cure for the different types of diabetes.

The 20th World Diabetes Congress promises to bring together the global diabetes community, as well as political leaders committed to improving health care in their countries, to share knowledge, experience, and ideas. Formats for the exchange of such knowledge and ideas will include debates, open forum sessions, lectures, workshops, and poster presentations. Some 15,000 delegates are expected to attend.

For attendees who have diabetes, a specific program, called Living With Diabetes, will take place throughout the meeting and will include talks, workshops, open forums, and cooking demonstrations. These presentations will offer attendees not only the latest information on the care of diabetes but also the opportunity to interact with and learn from medical professionals. Some of the topics on the Living With Diabetes agenda include alternative medicine, camping, discrimination, hypoglycemia, living with complications, and new technologies. For a complete list of topics, click here.

Although the World Diabetes Congress doesn’t take place until October, it’s worth thinking about now, because the sooner you register, the less it costs. If you register by April 30, the regular rate is 400 euros (about $510). After that, it goes up to 600 euros and then, after August 1, 800 euros. (Lower rates apply to people in health-care professions, students, and citizens and residents of certain low-income countries.) For more information about registering, click here.

How interested would you be in attending such a conference? Let us know in a comment.

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  • Calgarydiabetic

    Dear Ingrid.

    This is a fantastic idea. I was born and lived in Montreal for 40 years. It is a safe, clean and wonderful city. The downside is it is a climatic hell hole. However at that time of year the climate is very well behaved. Not too cold and not too hot. The maple trees and oaks on the mountain are in a starburst of beautiful colors: reds, oranges, greens in all possible shades.

    The 400 euros is a bit of a drag now that our dollar has collapsed but I could stay at my nephew’s to dent the costs. If people come you don’t not need to rent a car as the city has a wonderful underground transit system. The only reason I would rent a car is to drive up to Mont-Tremblant or Vermont to view the leaves is the trees within city limits are not enough for you. The restaurants are among the best in North America and probably dirt cheap by NY standards. Canadian buck is only 80 cents American now so that dents the cost for US residents.

    I would say it is a go.

  • Joan Sharp

    yes I would like to attend the conference on diabetes . I’ve has the disease for at least 10 years I dont have it under contol yet But I’m trying to lose weight and pay more attention to what and how I eat.

  • punchun

    I would be interested in attending such a conference, however due to the logistics of travel from Hawaii to Montreal, it becomes a daunting task… Cost is a primary factor (my daughter is still in college and we must budget creatively and carefully to meet our needs)…will there be special tour packages for this conference, including all air fare, transportation, hotel accomodations and passport requiretements? Please advise,

  • Ingrid Strauch, Editor

    I am not aware of any special tour packages or passport requirements for this conference.

  • Sharon

    Yes, I would love to attend but feel the cost is mre than I can handle in this economic environment I am retired, living on a fixed income, and have had type 1 diabetes for over forty years.
    I’m hoping that those of us who will not attend, will have access to informations from this conference in some form.

  • donnajinak

    Why are grants only available for people under 30?

  • Lorraine

    Yes I would consider attending but as I am a retiree and living on a pension I could not possible pay that amount to go. I live in Montreal and have been a type 2 for 10 years. I am sorta under control but could be better and do watch what and how I eat. I cannot lose weight.