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Wishing the Week That Was, Wasn’t

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It was Purim’s fault. Yes. That has to be it. Purim, for those who are unaware, is a Jewish holiday that follows the formula of “they tried to kill us, we won, let’s eat.” It is traditional to give food to friends, contribute to charity, listen to the Book of Esther, and have a festive meal.

My friend Patty and I made up and delivered, or had delivered, goodie boxes for around 15 people. The custom here is to have a community meal, so we made dinner for 30 or so people — including six loaves of challah (bread) that I made. Actually, I made dinner, too. Patty made the hamantaschen: the traditional Purim cookie. I don’t do cookies. Listened to the Book of Esther. Donated to charity. Had a friend over for French toast made from leftover challah.


For about a week, but that wasn’t all. While I slept a lot, other things were happening, too.

The religious school kids brought me a box of goodies. I looked through and found a coffee-flavored hard candy. I love coffee-flavored hard candy! I put it in my mouth. I bit into it. I never could suck on a piece of hard candy. But rather than being hard, this piece was very chewy. When I managed to get my teeth apart again — one of them came out.

That was a little more than a week ago. The tooth is still on my desk. The dentist has not yet been called. I’m too tired to get myself there. It isn’t bothering me, which suggests it’s a bridge or a cap. Still, I should get it taken care of for appearance’s sake. And my dentist would be happy to see me. I have been remiss in that department.

My tooth wasn’t the only thing that broke. The receiver to my new continuous glucose monitor (CGM) did, too. The little doohickey you plug the USB cable into so you can charge the receiver or download the contents was pushed down into the receiver. It was dead.

Unlike the lackadaisical attitude I took about my tooth, however, this problem took priority! The company overnighted a new receiver to me. I needed it, you see, because my blood glucose decided to start running low.

This is what most annoys me about having Type 2 diabetes. I run high, get that straightened out, then run in somewhat normal ranges for awhile, then BOOM! Down I go and can’t get my glucose up.

I don’t do anything differently and there’s no warning. It just changes. If you have any ideas, please let me know, because I sure don’t. In the meantime, I keep candy nearby and keep adjusting my basal rates. I’ll get there. If not, I have an appointment with my endocrinologist next week.

On top of all that, the nonexistent part of my leg and foot have been especially annoying lately. It tingles and twitches and sometimes gets stabbing pains. It’s never been as constant as it has been over the past week. I don’t know what to do about it — and don’t even know what kind of doctor to ask.

I’ll just have to keep plugging along and doing the best I can. Maybe I will get some answers; maybe I won’t. Maybe the “perfect storm” of the past week will pass on through. And may it be soon!

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