What We’re Reading: Walk With Walgreens

With spring weather finally returning, it may be a good time to spend some of your day outdoors. Walgreens has recently launched a new program called Walk With Walgreens[1], an online platform that encourages users to walk for health (and rewards).

This new program, according to Kim Feil, chief marketing officer for Walgreens, “inspires people to take the small steps that lead to a well-life, making walking even more rewarding.” To begin, users can register online, at the photo department of any Walgreens, or by texting the word “walk” to 21525. Once registered, users will receive a free virtual starter pack, including a profile page that allows you to record your walks and how many steps you took, shares your experiences with others using the program, and features badges that record your accomplishments. There are weekly coupons that are unlocked as you participate. The program’s Web site also features a series of health articles,[2] including a sample walking program, tips to be careful, and the benefits of walking.


So far, registered users have logged nearly 2 billion combined steps. For the month of April, Walgreens will donate $1 to their “Way to Well” program for each new registered user of Walk With Walgreens. To find out more about this program, you can visit the homepage at http://Walk.Walgreens.com[3].

This blog entry was written by Web Intern Helen Zhu.

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