What We’re Reading: Type 3 Diabetes?

This week, we’d like to direct your attention to coverage of new research on Alzheimer disease and diabetes.

As this article in ScienceDaily[1] reports, researchers have long noted a link between Alzheimer disease, the leading cause of dementia among older people, and diabetes. Now research from Northwestern University has built on earlier studies on the topic and shown that a toxic protein in the brains of people with Alzheimer disease removes insulin[2] receptors from nerve cells, making these cells insulin resistant[3].

According to this post at Diabetes Notes[4] by Kendra James, R.N., and another at About.com: Diabetes[5] by Debra Manzella, R.N., the research findings are so strong that Alzheimer disease could potentially be considered “Type 3 diabetes.”


This blog entry was written by Assistant Editor Diane Fennell.

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