What We’re Reading: Type 1 Bloggers Roundtable

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International (JDRF) has begun hosting “roundtable discussions” that feature prominent bloggers with Type 1 diabetes.


So far, the bloggers have participated in two roundtables. In the first one, they discuss why they started blogging and how being a part of an online community has helped their diabetes management. They also offer tips to help those new to diabetes blogs get started with their online surfing.

In the second discussion, the bloggers share their experiences with insulin pumps. They discuss why they decided to start using insulin pumps (or, in the case of two bloggers, why they decided not to). They also talk about the benefits and drawbacks of the pumps and share examples of when the pumps came in particularly handy.

This blog entry was written by assistant editor David Golann.

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