What We’re Reading: “Talk Neuropathy” Questions

According to several studies, the current rate of neuropathy among people with diabetes is between 20% and 30%. May 16–20 is “Talk Neuropathy” week, and to help raise awareness of the condition, the Neuropathy Association is hosting a series of interviews with celebrity guests, including Reverend Mother Dolores Hart, writer Sarah Manguso, and journalist Pia Lindström. As part of the effort, they are asking for your help in sending questions to ask their guests. The Neuropathy Association will choose 10 to feature in their interview and publication for “Talk Neuropathy” week.


To find out more about neuropathy, or to participate in this campaign, you can visit the “Talk Neuropathy” page. You can e-mail your question — along with your name, city, and state — to [email protected] with the subject line “Ask Your Question for Talk Neuropathy.” The Neuropathy Association hopes that by creating a dialogue and raising national consciousness about the condition, they can get everyone talking about neuropathy.

This blog entry was written by Web Intern Helen Zhu.

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  • Elaine Reniche

    My Husband Roger has non diabetic neuropathy and
    uses anodyne theraphy which helps control the
    numbness. So now he can feel the ground he walks on. Is their anything out there for the tingling
    and burning?

  • Bob Burr

    I am a Type 2 in good control that keeps falling because I can no longer feel my toes. Possibly neuropathy related despite great A1c results?

  • Patricia

    What do you think about these treatments that are supposed to heal the nerves in your feet? I have Diabetic Neuropathy with numbness, tingling, and severe @ times pain.

  • Barbara Abbott

    I have been suffering with neuropathy fo rthe past 20 years. The doctor’s are not sure if it was brought on by type 2 diabetes or from 4 back surgeries that I have had. Al I know is that I have tried all types of things including medications, physical theraphy and surgery. The pain is terrible at times. I can barely walk. I was left with hammer toes from the back surgery’s.
    The ne thing I have found that helps the tingling is called the Re-Builder. I hope this information helps someone else.

  • The Neuropathy Association

    Thank you for helping us raise awareness of peripheral neuropathy–a common chronic neurological diseases impacting 20,000,000 Americans with this post!

    Throughout March and April, our neuropathy community members have been sending questions to help us interview Mother Dolores Hart, Sarah Manguso, and Pia Lindström for the “Talk Neuropathy campaign, an effort to encourage greater dialogue about neuropathy. And, throughout National Neuropathy Week–May 16-20, 2011–we will publishing the “Talk Neuropathy” interviews on our website, http://www.neuropathy.org. Thank you!

  • Janice LeBlanc

    I suffer with Neuropathy myself. I have found that
    the burning can be relieved for some time by applying Neuragen PN to those places. This is a relative new product.