What We’re Reading: Surviving the Holidays

As the holiday season gets under way, tips for how to handle eating at office parties, family events, etc. begin to crop up. This year, diabetes bloggers are offering advice on how you can keep your weight and blood sugar under control as you navigate the holidays. Here are a couple of our favorite tips from around the blogosphere:

  • “Offer to bring a dish, especially a dessert dish, that you know all the nutritional content about. …you know exactly what the carb count and serving size is so you can enjoy without worry.”

    From 5 Tips On Healthy Diabetic Eating During The Holiday Season at Diabetes Notes

  • “Realize that the holiday season only consists of two or three actual days. Indulge only on those days, and continue with your good weight loss goals and strategies all of the days in between.”

    From Holiday Eating and Type 2 Diabetes at About.com: Diabetes

What strategies have worked for you in the past? Share your ideas with a comment below. And keep an eye out for the article “Maintaining Your Health For the Holidays,” which will be up on DiabetesSelfManagement.com next week.

This blog entry was written by Web Editor Tara Dairman.

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  • Sharon Todhunter

    I have found eating the holiday treats in very strict moderation works for me. Yes, I have those Christmas cookies; although only 1 plus home-made fudge. I simply count the carbs in these items with my daily intake of food and monitor my glucose level one extra time during the day. Plus holiday luncheons outside the office I also use portion control; taking half of the meal home for dinner that evening. Diabetes is an individual disease and my method may not work for others. Never hurts to try! Good luck in 2008 becoming healthier and happy!