What We’re Reading: “Script Your Future”


A recently conducted study by CVS Caremark showed that personalized pharmacy care makes people with prescriptions more likely to refill their medicines on time. For people with diabetes, it is especially important to refill and take drugs as directed in order to improve health and reduce the risk of complications. The “Script Your Future” campaign is a national program by the National Consumers League in cooperation with several US states and CVS Caremark, whose goal is to encourage people with drug prescriptions to understand the importance of taking them on time and as directed. Resources include medicine reminders, articles and videos on different health and medical conditions, and even worksheets to better manage your medicines. The campaign’s Web site also features a Type 2 pill guide[1].

Currently, the program is available in six pilot cities, with expansions planned in the future. To find out more, you can visit the “Script Your Future” Web site at http://scriptyourfuture.org/[2].

This blog entry was written by Web Intern Helen Zhu.

  1. Type 2 pill guide: http://scriptyourfuture.org/file/4dc82f44dabc6.pdf
  2. http://scriptyourfuture.org/: http://scriptyourfuture.org/

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