What We’re Reading: Rite Aid “Diabetes Solution Day”

Coinciding with National Diabetes Month, tomorrow is "Diabetes Solution Day" at select Rite Aid pharmacies around the country. From 2 PM until 6 PM, the pharmacies will offer free blood pressure screenings, free product samples, coupons, free pharmacist consultations, and a drawing at each location to win a $50 Rite Aid gift card.

The pharmacies will also offer vaccinations[1]: flu shots for $30 and pneumonia shots for $45. (They will also offer them on later dates.) People with diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes, are at increased risk for infections such as these.


Rite Aid operates in 31 states and the District of Columbia. To find the nearest particpating location, visit their locator page here[2]. You may also want to check out the Diabetes Events Calendar at www.riteaiddiabetes.com[3].

This blog post was written by Editorial Assistant Quinn Phillips.

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