What We’re Reading: Meeting the Face of Change


If you have Type 2 diabetes, you may feel alone, but the fact is that roughly 20 million people in the United States are living with this condition. Although you likely cross paths with some of them every day on your way to work, in the grocery store, and in line at the post office, you might not be familiar with the stories of many of these people.

Fortunately, a photo exhibition currently traveling around the country provides an opportunity to change that—this series of portraits by former National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan showcases regular people who have overcome the challenges of having Type 2 diabetes and are leading a healthy lifestyle. Each person featured in the exhibit is represented by an image and a short biography documenting what steps he or she has taken to overcome diabetes.

The exhibit is scheduled to visit the Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois, September 26–29 and Woodruff Park in Atlanta, Georgia, October 17–20. Free health screenings will be held at these locations on September 27 and October 18, respectively.

For a sample of the portraits and to learn more about this exhibition, sponsored by the Novo Nordisk portfolio of insulins, visit the official Meet the Face of Change Web site[1].

This blog entry was written by Assistant Editor Diane Fennell.

  1. Web site: http://www.faceofchange-us.com/

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