What We’re Reading: Free Screenings and New Health Program from Sam’s Club

This month, Sam’s Club Wholesale[1] is introducing some new benefits for all its members. For those who are advantage, business, or plus members, Sam’s Club is offering free monthly health screenings at their wholesale store locations.

In addition, Sam’s Club offers a new service, the $99 “Prevention Plan,” from US Preventive Medicine. It includes an at-home blood test, which measures cholesterol, blood glucose, and A1C levels, and an online assessment to help identify potential health issues. Based on the results, members will create a personalized plan featuring 20 online educational programs, recommendations for age, gender, and risk specific screenings, and a way to record and track confidential health information.

To learn more, visit the “Prevention Plan”[2] Web page at Sam’s Club Wholesale.

This blog entry was written by Web Intern Helen Zhu.

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